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    Maintenance Tips for Your Sliding Glass Door

    Last updated 1 day 6 hours ago

    Sliding glass doors make it easy to go in and out of your home, especially if your hands are full. However, time and the elements can take their toll on your sliding glass door, eventually making it harder to open and close. To keep your glass door sliding smoothly, start by keeping the track and rollers cleaned and lubricated. You can also use a screwdriver to raise and lower the door to help it fit on the track better. For more sliding glass door maintenance tips, watch this short video.

    If your sliding glass door is old, cracked, or just outdated, contact Michael’s Glass Company. Serving the entire tri-state area, we are your source for glass doors, sound proof windows, mirrored walls, and any other glass and mirror products you need for your home or business. We are also your source for auto glass. For additional information, contact us online or call us at (215) 600-1905. 

    A Look at the Different Types of Mirrors

    Last updated 8 days ago

    Mirrors are wonderful things. They help you look your best in the morning, see behind you while you’re driving, and can even help brighten up your home. Mirrors are also used almost anywhere you look. You know all about the mirror in the your bathroom and the mirrors in your car, so here is a closer look at some other types of mirrors you might not be familiar with.

    Convex Mirrors
    Convex mirrors bulge outwards and reflect at a wider angle near the edges than at the center. This creates a slightly distorted image that’s smaller than actual size. The smaller size of the images means you can see more with convex mirrors, hence their use in safety mirrors and dressing room mirrors.

    Concave Mirrors
    Concave mirrors curve inward, giving them the ability to create an image when their curvature bounces light to a specific area in front of them, called the focal point. From far away, objects reflected in a concave mirror will seem upside down, but as you get closer and pass the focal point, the image flips and becomes magnified.  

    Acoustic Mirrors
    Acoustic mirrors are actually huge concrete dishes built to reflect and distribute sound instead of light. Acoustic mirrors were used by the English military before the invention of radar as an early warning system against air attacks and incoming missiles.

    Two-Way Mirrors
    By coating one side of a sheet of glass with a very thin, very lightly reflective material, it is possible to see through the mirror from one side and not from the other. If you’ve ever watched an interrogation scene on a police show, you’ve seen a two-way mirror in action.

    Michael’s Glass Company designs and manufactures virtually any type of custom mirrored wall you can imagine. From vanity mirrors and mirrored closets to custom bar mirrors and mirror shelving, we can help turn your dream into a reality. To learn more about our home and auto glass products, visit our website or call us at (215) 600-1905.

    Understanding How Mirrors Work

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Almost everyone uses mirrors every day, but few people actually know how they work. Although mirrors and glass have been around for a long time, they have actually improved greatly over the years. To learn more about how contemporary mirrors work, read this article.

    From Metal to Silvering
    In 600 B.C., mirrors were made from polished obsidian. Over time, they were replaced by mirrors made from bronze, silver, copper, lead, and gold. These mirrors were both heavy and expensive, so they were only available to the rich—other people had to visit a pond to get a glimpse of their reflection. The modern mirror is made by silvering, a process invented back in 1835 by a German chemist named Justus von Liebig. During this process, a thin layer of aluminum or silver is sprayed onto a sheet of glass. Today, the aluminum is heated in a vacuum before it bonds to a cool sheet of glass.

    Light Reflection
    Mirrors would not work if they weren’t made to reflect light. When you see your reflection in a flat mirror, it’s actually a virtual image. It appears to be coming straight out of the mirror, but this is actually an illusion. Light bounces off of the mirror at many different angles though your reflection appears even.

    Types of Mirrors
    Flat mirrors are not the only type of mirror out there. There are two-way mirrors that make it possible to see into a lighted room, while people on the other side cannot see out. There are acoustic mirrors made of concrete that reflect sound instead of light, and concave mirrors that reflect light to a specific focal point, making it look magnified.

    Michael’s Glass Company of Philadelphia has been serving the tri-state area for over 30 years. If you need a custom mirror for your home or business, give us a call at (215) 600-1905 or visit our website to see what we have to offer you.

    Tips for Using a Mirror in a Small Space

    Last updated 22 days ago

    Mirrors are much more than just sheets of glass in which you can view your reflection. They are a great design accent to install in any space to add light, enhance the perception of room size, and accentuate your favorite feature. When installing a mirror in a small space, a custom mirror is your best bet. With a custom mirror, you can choose the exact space where you want to hang the mirror and what it will reflect. Ideally, the mirror will reflect artwork and any furniture that you are particularly fond of. Putting an oversized mirror in a small room that receives natural light will brighten the room, even when it is cloudy. Adding a floor-to-ceiling mirror to your closet is another popular option, as it instantly enhances the light and the ambience of the space.

    If you are shopping for a custom mirror, call Michael’s Glass Company of Philadelphia at (215) 600-1905. We’ve been serving the tri-state area for more than 30 years and can help you find the best mirror for your home or business’ small space.

    Decorating Your Mantle with a Mirror

    Last updated 29 days ago

    One of the best ways to decorate a fireplace mantle is with a mirror. One of your options is to install a classic oversize mirror that adds plenty of light and style to the room. Otherwise, you could create a unique look by installing several mirrors above the mantle. Watch the video for more tips on how to dress up your mantle by layering mirrors.

    If you are hoping to decorate your mantle or any other part of your home or business with a custom mirror, contact Michael’s Glass Company of Philadelphia for a free in-home estimate. Visit our website to see the glass products we offer the tri-state area, and call us at (215) 600-1905 for more information.

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