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    A Quick Look at the Science Behind Mirrors

    Last updated 1 day 18 hours ago

    Looking at your reflection in a mirror or appreciating the effect mirrors have on the design of a room, have you ever stopped to consider how mirrors work the way they do? If it is a question you still have and you are looking for a short answer, you have come to the right place.

    By nature, light is a reflective surface. Many surfaces have too much color or too little gloss to harness light’s reflective properties, but water, glass, and a handful of metals and minerals can. Capitalizing on its smooth surface to project a clear, undistorted reflection of whatever lies across from it, a mirror is able to reflect an image in a more predictable and easily visible way than most other light reflectors. Without any light, a mirror does not reflect what is across from it, and not only because we cannot see without light.

    Serving residents of Philadelphia and consumers and businesses throughout the Tri-State area, Michael’s Glass Company has mastered the art of designing mirrors and windows for optimal light reflection. To learn about our mirrors and other glass furnishings and building materials, call (215) 600-1905.

    The Steps of Cleaning a Mirror

    Last updated 8 days ago

    Dirty mirrors distort reflections in the most unappealing of ways, and can even interfere with our personal hygiene routines. If you are looking for tips on cleaning your mirror without having to spend a painfully long time with that rag and window cleaner in your hands, check out this brief video clip.

    In it, Marta Perrone offers clear and concise advice for cleaning mirrors. She recommends using a foam glass cleaning agent to prevent streaks and reduce the time it takes to get the job done well. She also demonstrates how to clean a window in what she has found to be the most effective fashion.

    If you feel confident enough in your ability to keep your mirrors cleaned to invest in the highest quality mirror glass you can find for your Philadelphia home, Michael’s Glass Company has the product for you. To learn more about the glass we use and the services we provide or to schedule a free in-home estimate, call (215) 600-1905.

    Design Tips for Your Retail Store Windows

    Last updated 15 days ago

    First impressions mean a lot when you work in retail, especially if you own a shop with storefront window displays that you put time and effort into designing in the hopes of drawing potential customers into your store. If you are looking to make as great an impact as possible with your retail store windows and window display space, follow these expert design tips.

    Install High-Quality Window Glass
    No matter how impressive your window display is, it is not going to get the attention it deserves unless the windows separating the display from the viewer are made from some of the finer glass around. The glass should be more transparent than reflective, and it should be kept clean at all times. Choose your glass wisely and care for it to bring more attention to your window displays.

    Use Accent Lighting
    Appropriate lighting is crucial for drawing attention to a window display. Your displays should be well-lit, with accent lighting used to direct the viewer’s attention to products you are trying to market. Unless you are trying to create a specific effect, lighting should be radiant and crisp.

    Choose Focal Points Wisely
    Unless you have different plans for the primary takeaway a viewer derives from your window display, the focal point should be a product of yours or something that showcases your brand or company name. Strategic placement and the use of accent lighting can help you achieve this.

    If you are preparing to open a retail store in the Tri-State area or are renovating to make your shop front display space more attractive and accessible, trust the window glass design and installation professionals at Michael’s Glass Company. For a free on-site estimate or answers to questions you may have about our services, call (215) 600-1905.

    The Advantages of Using Mirrors to Decorate Your Homes

    Last updated 22 days ago

    Although we do not always notice them, mirrors are widely incorporated into professionally decorated spaces throughout the residential and commercial worlds. This is because interior decorators know how versatile and beneficial mirrors can be to a design scheme. There are many benefits that can be reaped through the clever use of mirrors in your home’s decor, the most significant of which are discussed below.

    Magnify Space
    Mirrors can enhance the atmosphere of a living space in many ways, but one of the most impactful and appreciated ways is by magnifying the space. Well-placed mirrors can make a room feel larger and more open, and a mirrored wall can make a room feel up to twice its size. Using mirrors to magnify space is a design tip that is especially useful for the millions of people living in small urban apartments in the tri-state area.

    Enhance Lighting
    A mirror’s reflective properties enable it to maximize the effect of natural lighting in a space, especially when it is placed across from a window through which natural light floods. Light from lighting fixtures can also play off of mirrors to brighten up a room and generate a stylish effect.

    Add Style
    On the subject of style, mirrors can also make a distinct contribution to a room’s style. You can make an elegant room feel even more tasteful by accentuating its most impressive furnishings and design elements with well-placed mirrors. A baroque armoire, for example, can be duplicated or brought into a focus with the right placement of a mirror.

    Now that you know what mirrors can do for your home’s design, are you feeling like you need to add at least one mirror or mirrored furnishing to every room in your home? If you live in the Philadelphia area and are looking for well-crafted mirror glass to incorporate into your home’s decor, call Michael’s Glass Company at (215) 600-1905. In addition to installing a range of mirrored decor, we offer custom mirrored wall design and manufacturing services.

    A Look at How One-Way Mirrors Work

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Found in places as diverse as prison interrogation rooms and upscale restaurants, the one-way mirror is an innovation that mystifies many of us. If you belong to the large segment of the population that is unsure of how one-way mirrors work and you would like to develop an understanding of how a pane of glass can act as a mirror from one side and a window from the other, then continue reading below.

    Physically, the only notable difference between a conventional window and a one-way mirror is that a one-way mirror has had a thin coating of half-silvered reflective material applied to one side. When conditions are right, the side of the window covered with the reflective material will serve as a one-way mirror. The opposite side always serves as a window.

    In order for the reflective molecules on the half-silvered surface to be activated, the coated side of the mirror must be bathed in light. If the room that the one-way mirror side is in is dimly lit, the mirror will appear as a window to those looking at it.

    One-way mirrors are practical for a number of applications. Using a one-way mirror in an interrogation room enables authorities to observe a suspect’s facial features and body language while shielding officers from the suspect’s view and keeping their body language a mystery. Another place where one-way mirrors come in handy is on the exterior of office buildings, since it protects workers’ privacy without obstructing the view of the outside.

    Now that you know how one-way mirrors work, you should be able to tell when lighting conditions need to be changed in order for it to function as a one-way mirror rather than a two-way window.  To arrange a free on-site consultation with an experienced, full-service glass specialist in Philadelphia, call Michael’s Glass Company at (215) 600-1905. You can also browse our website to see what we offer in terms of custom mirrors and glass doors.

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